Vinyl Art

Vinyl Art

Vinyl Art application helps you to choose a vinyl poster and check out how it’s going to look like as a part of the interior just using iOS powered gadget with a camera. All you need to do is to take a photo of the spot you are going to decorate with a vinyl poster, set up sizes and choose a poster that fits your taste from the list. Intuitive navigation and variety of useful options helps users  to unleash their creativity and simply have fun.

Business Need:

Vinyl Art application has to provide complete assistance to the user while choosing a suitable vinyl art decoration for the interior. It must be synchronized with client web server and provides a variety of customization options for end users.

How we resolved it:

Vinyl Art application provides access to a categorized poster library and a customizing options kit. The user can take a photo of the location he or she wants to add a decoration to, set up the sizes and dimensions and scale any poster to the original size on this location. In such a way, it’s easy to extrapolate a garnish item on the real-size representation of walls and get a truthful impression of how fitting it will look like.

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