Tillis Art

Tillis Art

Tillis Art is an Android based application for those who want to enter the Tillis Art loyalty discount program. Using this application, any Tillis Art’s customer can become a member of the  loyalty program, check his or her own status and a number of personal points gathered. Simultaneously this application suggests a set of administrative tools to check and change customer profiles data.


Business Need:

The application has to be an effective and stylish tool to promote and maintain Tillis Art loyalty program. Application’s usability and design have to maintain Tillis Art’s client-oriented way of business.

How we resolved it:

Tillis Art app was delivered as well-tailored Android tool with fancy design. Containing all necessary functions, this application is handy and user-friendly. Special administrative tools of the app allow Tillis Art to implement and manage loyalty discount program just by fingertips!

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