Pizza Delivery app

Pizza Delivery app

Sushi and Pizza application allows users to order dishes or other menu items and set up convenient delivery time and delivery destination point. With this application, users have 24/7 access to a current menu with up-to-date prices from gadgets on iOS and Android platforms. It is also possible to make a direct call from the application to the delivery officer if needed.

Business Need:

With this application, the client wants to get more orders and increase his sales. The main requirements customer set up in front of our developers team were next:

– application supported by iOS and Android platforms.

– synchronization with menu and prices on customer’s server.

– possibility to set up delivery time and location.

– possibility to make a direct call to Delivery Officer.

How we resolved it:

GRT made Sushi and Pizza application easy and handy to choose and order one or more menu items, set up delivery time and  location. To make customer choice comfy there are photos and prices of all dishes and shopping cart for multiple orders.  According to the client requirement possibility to make a direct call to Delivery Officer has been included.