Xmas Colorer

Xmas Colorer

Xmas Colorer is an iOS platform application that grants fun and rewarding Christmas activities for  kids. With 24 images in 4 categories, any child will be entertained for hours. Xmas Colorer is a great way to support children’s creative development. With Xmas Colorer application, you will entertain your kids, endorse their creativity and enjoy the magical holiday atmosphere.


Xmas Colorer application has to educate children how to draw and combine colors and bring Christmas entertaining magical atmosphere. Kids have to enjoy themselves while using Xmas Colorer and feel the unique spirit of Christmas holidays.


While developing Xmas Colorer application, next tools and technologies were used: Objective C, Cocoa Touch, Core Data, OpenGL. This application was developed according to App Store Guidelines including Kids Category and Parental Control.


GRT made an application with 24 Christmas pictures in 4 categories to choose from. The user can choose pen or brush as a drawing option, save unfinished work and share their masterpieces on social networks. We also added snow animation to make time spent with Xmas Colorer even more unforgettable.


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