Lead generation app

Lead generation app

App provides unique work environment for the insurance agents. Insurance agents have to manage quite large amount of information regarding their customers: their personal data, insurance types etc. This application is designed to make easier the everyday routine and optimize the workflow. Application is available for iOS devices.

Business Need:

It was designed to become a supportive tool for insurance agents, that contains the most needed features for managing customers, planning activities, gathering statistics in one work space.

How we resolved it:

Application developed by GRT allows insurance agents to manage and organize work with their customers most effectively and make it less time-consuming. Next features have been included:

– registration as insurance agent;

– list of customers, that can be expanded into the individual customer’s profile that displays personal data (phone number, address, email, etc), detailed information regarding their insurances;

– calendar and integrated daybook, where agents can plan their activities regarding the customers;

– ability to send the customer the email or to call them directly from the app, with the possibility to leave a comment or reminder immediately after the call, despite was it successful or not;

– map, that displays the location of customers;

– complex statistics for agents.