Laxiba – Medical app

Laxiba – Medical app

Laxiba application will help you to know what products are safe to eat considering your food intolerances and allergies.

  • Fitting to your sensitivity
  • Also for combined ingredient intolerances
  • More than 1.100 foods
  • Quick search by entering the food’s name
  • Finding alternatives by searching by categories
  • Tolerated amounts in gram and a kitchen measure

Business Need:

Client made a research regarding IBS and specific food ingredient intolerance. He had a book written and want to expand his audience by providing mobile applications that helps people to manage their ration and avoid products that cause allergy or discomfort.

How we resolved it:

We have created two mobile applications which can be used to utilize theoretical knowledge from the “Navigators” books on practice. Applications calculate the acceptable rates of consumption of certain products based on the research data and the parameters specified by the user.

Main features:

  • no user data is required to use the application, although purchases are saved with reinstalling the app.
  • User can add multiple persons in one app, each with his specific tolerance rate.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.