Wake Up – Interactive Alarm Clock

Wake Up – Interactive Alarm Clock

WakeUp is a real magic wand for hard wakers. Why? User has to solve one of three different puzzles in order to turn off the alarm clock. A user who installs Wake Up application on Android powered device can create multiple alarms and apply different settings to each of them.Elegant design, funny puzzles and customized settings of Wake Up applications will grants good mood every morning and allows you to be in time at work, study or any important event.

Business Need:

Wake Up has to be a smart alarm clock application. With puzzles that help to wake up user’s brains, this app helps you to start every new day with a clear mind ready for intellectual challenges.

How we resolved it:

We have created an Android application which combines alarm clock with a variety of different options and  three types of funny puzzles with several levels of complexity. This solution helps users to set up and change numerous alarms according to her or his current needs and keep brains in shape solving puzzles.