Halfy Hour

Halfy Hour

Halfy Hour is a mobile platform allowing restaurants to retail their unsold delicacies for half-cost. Therefore the app has potential to make a real difference, helping mitigate the problem of huge amounts of food waste in USA and marketing tasty food at affordable prices. Halfy Hour is available both for iOS and Android devices.

Business Need:

Halfy Hour startup brought up a problem of creating a stable application with versatile and complex functionality. The platform was designed to have two interfaces, for merchant and customers, providing easy, smooth and flawless user experience.

How we resolved it:

Halfy Hour app developed by GRT allows users to make purchases and sell their own items safely and with minimum effort. We’ve also included a range of handy features:

– registration as Merchant or Customer;
– making a list of your favorite eating places;
– receiving notifications whenever you’re close to Halfy Hour restaurant going live with an offer;
– setting up special hours for purchases and pick-up time for those who sell foods;
– complex stats and reporting for merchants;
– secure payments through Stripe gateway.