Directmed is a complex eCommerce web platform where users can search for and buy medical equipment and accessories. With the OSCommerce platform and distributed cloud server system Directmed has become a powerful online selling tool.


Directmed project proved to be a challenging task due to several reasons. Barely maintainable legacy code, abundant in circular dependencies in combination with noticeable security issues are a hard candy for support and further development. Moreover, the platform was also uncovered with a design tailored clean enough to meet the customer’s vision of the platform.  The legacy had been built without subversion control, which was actually the root of evil so code quality left much to be desired.


While accomplishing this task, GRT developers have cleaned program code based on subversion control system, resolved security issues and   remastered design with total web page integration. The following  tools and technologies have been employed: PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, cron utility and modernizr JavaScript library.


GRT coped to provide a smoothly operating online shop with complete functionality and the eye-pleasing design. Balanced eCommerce system and high security level make Directmed an ultimate online selling platform.

DirectMed_1 DirectMed_2 DirectMed_3 DirectMed_4

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