Being a huge wholesale and retail webstore of quality shapewear in Mexico, CYSM brand required to develop a couple of apps to grant smooth and simple product browsing and fast purchases to their target audience. CYSM Pro is now available for Android and iOS devices.

Business Need:

CYSM project’s primary focal point was to design and implement a reliable vending platform based on Shopify backend and mobile SDK with vast customization of separate modules.

How we resolved it:

GRT has created CYSM Pro mobile with friendly user interface and crash-free functionality. The apps offer a variety of options allowing to make ordering process fun and effortless:
– quick order and checkout;
– algorithmic size chart, which aids to pick up the right size of shapewear that will fit you the best;
– limited app access for web-registered users exclusively:
– admin panel helping moderators manage app’s contents and adjust functionality.