Catchability – social network

Catchability – social network

Catchability is, in fact, a social network for keen fishers, or, in dry words, an Android application for those  interested in practical fishing, unites professional fishermen with amateurs. In this application, we combine attributes of modern social network and wiki-style knowledge database. Users can find new friends, share  info about what fish they catch, at what location and what tools has been used for it. Catchability also gives you information about different types of fish, how and where to fish, fisherman’s tools and tips to improve your skills. Any Catchability user can establish fishing  tournament with custom rules or take part in  tournaments created by other users.

Business Need:

Have you ever heard of a social network for fishermen before? We don’t think so. We had to develop the an-embracing app to meet the peculiar needs of people with fishing rods. This app enables  fishermen to find everything they need for awesome experience – friends, information about where and how to fish, new challenges for their fishing skills.

How we resolved it:

GRT developed an Android-based application that supports fisherman’s community activities. Catchability app combines elements of customized social network with specific unique functions and wiki-style knowledge  database created for fishermen by fishermen. With this application any fisherman – experienced or newbie – feels as a part of the strong supportive community.