220 – is a local online shop that sells everything related to Technology. Everything from Computer accessories to TVs and Refrigerators can be found here.

GRT has designed a custom orange-grey theme for 220.if.ua to adjust to the shop’s brand identity, and developed a number of features to make this online store even more usable.

  • Intricate category system enables easy navigation and allows users to find exactly what they came for. Complex hierarchy of categories and subcategories is flawlessly managed by means of clean DB architecture.
  • One-step checkout makes order completion a real fun on a single page instead of endless and rarely comprehensible process of entering personal data and surfing between addresses and delivery methods to finally get what you want.
  • Special parsing tool for shop administrator simplifies the process of inventory updating and adding new products. Now it’s just a matter of uploading a supplier’s item list as an Excel table, and – voilà! Here are your new arrivals, right on your website, waiting to be grabbed by the buyers.

Admin panel customization makes shop management a pleasant before-bed habit.


 220.if.ua administration decided to expand the target audience and offer even more convenient services like delivery options and order customization and committed to creation of a full-fledged e-commerce platform for their shop.


GRT has chosen Magento e-commerce software for 220.if.ua project out of several considerations. Foremost, Magento’s reputation as a third-in-row-year top leader of e-commerce provider throughout the web world is proven and makes it the best choice for development of a really reliable online shop. Secondly, the impressive range of vendibles handled by 220.if.ua (up to 60,000 articles) requires a truly powerful basis (today, alternatives to Magento can be barely found at this point to maintain such weighty stores). Thirdly, Magento suggests opportunities of deep, low-level customization via creation of individual modules to provide the flexible functionality.



GRT provided powerful and high quality web solution for online sales. All client requirements were considered, enhanced and implemented.

Getting list of similar products using filtering


Dozens categories and sub-categories. All structure was designed by our team.


Tech spec and description for each product. We can migrate data from your existing web site without issues.



We are ready to build YOUR web solution. For Magento outsourcing in Ukraine, call us or drop a letter to sales@grt-team.com.